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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Seattle Heartbeat

Seattle is an amazing city, one I could find myself living in if it didn't want to be closer to my blood family, and a great way to celebrate the dirty 30th, even though I was in probably in the cleanest, greenest city in the U.S. Purdue family members were my hosts. Chris, Tracy, and there 1 year old son Harrison showed me the sites and some great places to eat.

It started of with build your own challah French toast at Portage Point Cafe. Then we headed over to check the local salmon run where the fresh water meets salt water. Relaxing and wandering around the Seattle Center came next, where I got some photos that I am pretty proud of. We finished the day at the Red Mill, which will probably be my last good burger until I'm back in the States.

The next day Tracy and Harrison took me on a tour of the city. I saw a troll under a bridge, an old water treatment center with geese hanging around, the home of the crappy University of Washington Huskies (Boiler Up), and my favorite the U.S.'s first open air market Pikes Place Market. There all my senses were on overdrive. The fresh flowers wafted through the cool air like spring instead of a perfume counter that I can't get away faster from, white plums, plumagrantes, chocolate pasta, and a large fish cemeteries lined the walls, the sound of buskers and merchants selling there wares filled the misty air, and was topped off with a smoky grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup from Beechers.

There I got a random birthday present when I recognized Fran Krantz who played Topher Brink the hot but quirky genius of the sic-fi tv show Dollhouse. He was kind enough let me chat him up, and relish in the fact I met my first famous person while they were hanging out and not on the job. Now only if I would have been "that person" and asked for a photo. Oh well, Tracy's and my memory will have to suffice. That night Chris and his Seattle friends took Sara and I out for our birthday, where we had a drink at a place with a dirty peep hole, followed by wood fired pizza, and a couple of tasty pitchers of ale.

Have to say my 30th birthday in Seattle will be one I never forget, thanks to the Habrels and my amazing journey.

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