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Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Questions for Tracy in Seattle

1. How long have you lived in Seattle? 5 years

2. Three places to bring a guest? Pikes Place market- it is unique to the city and free, Kerry park same view of the space needle and a lot more, and a ferry ride to an island

3. Best place to get a burger? The Red Mill

4. Food Seattle is know for? Coffee, seafood, coffee, gooey duck, coffee

5. Favorite place to hang out? My couch

6. Place you wish to visit? Spain, to see the culture and the countryside...when I studied abroad the family I stayed with said I could stay in there villa, the pictures were gorgeous.

7. Best thing about Seattle? Open minded society, good mix out the outdoors and urban life in a small radius, laid-back, healthy, and clean - basically a good place to raise a family

8. Worst thing about Seattle? Away from family and free babysitting

9. What do people my age do for fun? Underdogs co-ed sports club followed by a local brew.

10. What question should I ask my next guest from Japan? What does Japan women's team winning the FIFA world cup mean to you and your country?

1 comment:

  1. Nice T...I like the questionnaire format. I get to learn something about each place you go from the perspective of a awesome! :) Hope you're having fun in Japan. Wish I was there snowboarding (and taking photos of course)



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