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Sunday, July 24, 2011

New journey begins!

My bags are packed to the max as you can see by the picture and one of my dreams is becoming a reality. It seems like I have been preparing for this journey for years, starting with my first mission trip, having Stephie teach me the ropes in Europe, Jill's stories of peace corps, Erin and Juan allowing me to be more than just a tourist in a foreign county, to my trips at the AIDs home in Tijuana, and the patience and support of my friends and parents. Anyone who truly knows me realizes I'm tearing up as I write this, I'm so grateful for all of you making this possible. For when you told me i was brave and courageous know that it is only because you showed me the way. As I sit on the plane trying to type on an I-pad, I am scared shitless just as much as I am excited. Cheers to the people I will reconnect with, the ones I will meet and the ones I will never see again who will always be in my heart.

As a drunk girl once said at her going away party, I love you all and thank you all!

With a special shout out to the rents who gave me the wings to fly, because you got just that!


  1. Hey lady...wish you well on the first part of your journey. I hope you're enjoying Seattle, and are able to visit the Experience Music Project. That's a cool building.

    Also, thanks for the rec on the Art in the Streets exhibit. Way cool. I posted photos if you want to check them out.

    Also, I setup a blog for The Photo Bus if you'd like to follow.


  2. EMP is awesome and they had a Nirvana exibit that you would have loved. Love the street art pics, just wish I could have seen them in person.

  3. terriiiii! i wish you the best on this journey you're about to embark on. i am anxiously awaiting your new blog post from japan! safe travels!

  4. And I am tearing up as I read the lady who held my hand on a cruise ship as I was getting stitched up, best wishes on your adventures! Looking forward to reading your blog and hearing about your experiences!


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