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Monday, December 27, 2010

To Do List

The reality is starting to sit that I will be traveling around the world in less than 6 months. Along with that comes the anxiety. I'm hoping that a to-do list will help me to stay on track and easy the pain. I found some help courtesy of I started with their list and added a few of my own.

Backpacking Around the World To-Do List
1.      Sell Your Stuff on Ebay
2.      Create a Budget
3.      Purchase Backpacking Gear
4.      Purchase Camping / Hiking Gear if appropriate
5.      Purchase Camera Equipment
6.      Purchase iTouch
7.      Create a Skype Account
8.      Tell Your Families
9.      Notify Employers
10.  Check Passports
11.  Notify Landlord / Sell or Rent House
12.  Create a Twitter Account (cool travelers on there)
13.  Create a Facebook Account (global address book)
14.  Create a Couchsurfing Account
15.  Are Going to Play Fantasy Leagues on the Road?
17.  Check Visa Requirements for Each Country
18.  Choose a Departure Date
20.  Put Remaining Stuff in Storage (don’t store old photos in hot attic)
21.  Purchase Travelers Insurance
22.  Change Auto Insurance
23.  Open Travel Friendly Checking Account
24.  Open Travel Friendly Credit Card Account
25.  Change Address or Set Up Mail Storage
26.  Cancel Cell Phones or Consider Global Phone Plan
27.  Practice Packing
28.  Break in Boots or Shoes
29.  Set Up First Aid Kit
30.  Purchase Lonely Planet Guides (if needed)

Ones, I added.

31. Breathe
32. Make 4 copies of all travel documents (1 at home, 1 on person, 1 in carry-on, 1 in suitcase) and put in dropbox
33. Put all files I want to have in Dropbox (a file hosting service which uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with each other) and share with parents
34. Get immunizations
35. Order enough contacts to last the trip
36. Fill all my prescriptions to get me through the trip, and make sure all countries will allow me to have them.
37. Back up all cell phone numbers on a file in dropbox
38. Make sure I can pay all bills online
39. Set up cell phone
40. Print or transfer to device local area maps

41. Key phrases in local language

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What technology to bring?

When I first imagined my round the world trip (RTW), I thought I would be living without technology, making collect calls home with my secret "safe" password, and hitting up Internet cafes when I had the chance.
After thinking about what I wanted to be able to do on my travel:
-keep up a blog,
- email friends and family
-share photos
-calling home
-maps at my disposal
-language converter
-check my bank account / pay bills

I started doing some research, if phone or notebook were the way. While I love screen and key board of my labtop, I can't imagine traveling 6 months with it in a backpack weighing 5 pounds and even more are on brain with worry of someone stealing it and all my import info on it. Looks like the best solution is a smart phone. Now which one?

Here are some blog posts that are helping me sort through this mess,

Droid Incredible: Wi-Fi calling app means T-Mobile Android phones are best choice for travel

Travel plans are changing before they are even created.

This week was rough for my travel plans for around the world. My friend, Stokey will be leaving Australia a lot earlier than I thought, so Australia will have to be explored alone (well, until I meet some of his friends, or a hot Aussie).

Then I found out Captain Mike lost his sail boat at sea. My three months of sailing the South Pacific are washed away with his home. Captain Mike is safe in Thailand, but please pray for him as he figures out his new adventure. Depending on where he lands I might still join him for a portion of it. Either way I'm sure we will sail together again.

Here is the plan as of today.... Chicago, IL - Vancouver - Auckland - Sydney - Bali (Denpasar) - Bangkok - Bombay / Mumbai - Rio de Janeiro - Quito - Caracas - Lima - Chicago, IL

Mom and Dad this isn't even close to being done, so don't even start looking for people to watch over me in these places.

While planning my travels, I am also looking into volunteering as I go. One place that seems affordable, and has some interesting opportunities is Geovisions. I'm leaning toward Community Work at an Orphanage in Northern Thailand for a month, where I will have a volunteer hut and private squat toilet :)

Another program I like is Peru's Challenge, because it mixes volunteering, learning a language and local travel together. It's about time I learn Spanish :)
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