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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Travel plans are changing before they are even created.

This week was rough for my travel plans for around the world. My friend, Stokey will be leaving Australia a lot earlier than I thought, so Australia will have to be explored alone (well, until I meet some of his friends, or a hot Aussie).

Then I found out Captain Mike lost his sail boat at sea. My three months of sailing the South Pacific are washed away with his home. Captain Mike is safe in Thailand, but please pray for him as he figures out his new adventure. Depending on where he lands I might still join him for a portion of it. Either way I'm sure we will sail together again.

Here is the plan as of today.... Chicago, IL - Vancouver - Auckland - Sydney - Bali (Denpasar) - Bangkok - Bombay / Mumbai - Rio de Janeiro - Quito - Caracas - Lima - Chicago, IL

Mom and Dad this isn't even close to being done, so don't even start looking for people to watch over me in these places.

While planning my travels, I am also looking into volunteering as I go. One place that seems affordable, and has some interesting opportunities is Geovisions. I'm leaning toward Community Work at an Orphanage in Northern Thailand for a month, where I will have a volunteer hut and private squat toilet :)

Another program I like is Peru's Challenge, because it mixes volunteering, learning a language and local travel together. It's about time I learn Spanish :)

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