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Saturday, November 20, 2010

What technology to bring?

When I first imagined my round the world trip (RTW), I thought I would be living without technology, making collect calls home with my secret "safe" password, and hitting up Internet cafes when I had the chance.
After thinking about what I wanted to be able to do on my travel:
-keep up a blog,
- email friends and family
-share photos
-calling home
-maps at my disposal
-language converter
-check my bank account / pay bills

I started doing some research, if phone or notebook were the way. While I love screen and key board of my labtop, I can't imagine traveling 6 months with it in a backpack weighing 5 pounds and even more are on brain with worry of someone stealing it and all my import info on it. Looks like the best solution is a smart phone. Now which one?

Here are some blog posts that are helping me sort through this mess,

Droid Incredible: Wi-Fi calling app means T-Mobile Android phones are best choice for travel

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