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Friday, July 11, 2014

Seattle, Always a Good Place To Start

After three years I am heading back to Asia which has been harder and easier then the last time. It comes after a couple of weird years where I am still trying to find the place that works for me, and instead of finding it exactly, I am finding what does and doesn't fit. Because I was going West I figured I make my first stop Seattle once again, but since the last visit two big things had changed; my past trip hosts, Tracy and Chris and their son Harrison, had in increased their little family by adding a beautiful daughter, Nora and very furry dog, Hendrix, to the mix so I couldn't stay at their place again, but thankful two friends I had made while in Japan, Thea and Vince were now married and living in Seattle with a comfy couch. 

I arrived at 5:45pm to a crisp blue sky, the feel of summer, and Vince only 5 minutes away.  When he arrived I jumped in his car and we were once again chatting like no time had passed since the last time we had saw each other, when we were both facing new adventures his leaving New Orleans and my arrival.  It only reconfirmed that he he will one of those people in my life no matter how much time passes or the circumstances of how meet back up that we will pick back up where we left, always hopefully sooner than later but then life happens.  With a quick stop at the gas station and Vince making sure I got a proper hug before we were of once again, this time to his him and his now, wife, Thea.  I had also meet her in Japan but due to the lack of our time overlapping in Ofunato had not been able to get to know her as well as I had Vince.  We decided burgers and beer for Vince and I and a BLT and butterscotch shake for Thea at Uneeda Burger would be a great place to catch up.  They told me the ups and downs of being newly married, about both being away but in the middle from their families in Japan and South Carolina, and their hopes for the future.

The next day Thea had to work so Vince and I had to fend on our own after a leisurely start.  We headed over to West Seattle to check out the beach and tried to rent a kayak but to our dismay found they were only open at that location on weekends, so instead we walked so I could soak in the amazing scenery which makes Seattle such the beautiful city that it is.  If it was as warm as San Diego and without the gray, that I seem to miss every time I  visit,  everyone would be living there.  We also saw one huge kid, closer to seven foot than six, who we hoped played basketball as it look like he was youth enough to probably still be growing.   We then headed over to Fremont Brewery where we agreed Ports and Stouts our are mutually favorite and that more craft brewery's need to make them their signature instead of Indian Pale Ales or worse yet double IPAs.  It probably won't be the case anytime soon for Seattle though since most of the Unites States hops are grown about an hour away.  Vince was then kind enough to take me back to his place so I could take my daily "unemployment routine" nap before Thea got home and we all headed over to Rock Garden in Ballard.  There we purposefully put on shoes tight enough that they curl your toes so you can better grip the rocks.  As I was "bouldering"  on 0, 1, and 2 level courses I realized, not for the first time in my life, that I have no upper body strength and how out shape I really am.  I also learned you should really cut your toe nails before you climb, woo eeee.  We closed the night with some fish and chips at The Sloop Tavern bar across the street, which reminded me of a bar back home, but a lot more expensive.

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